J. T. Katrakis & Associates, Inc.

Energy and Environmental Consulting, Engineering, & Management


We are available to assist you in any facet of managing energy use and costs while maintaining and/or enhancing the environment. We are experienced with energy efficiency technologies, energy load management, onsite power generation and obtaining low-cost and reliable utility services. Our services include:

    Identify opportunities to reduce energy costs in commercial, residential, institutional and industrial facilities. We can assess these opportunities for their expected energy cost reductions, implementation costs over their expected lifetime, and their impact on the environment and productivity. A variety of modeling tools is used including DOE-2, COMCheck and as well as customized analytical tools. We also evaluate alternate energy sources including cogeneration, renewable energy sources, district heating and cooling
    Provide energy efficient Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design services. Emphasis is placed on clearly defining the initial design concept and performance parameters for design-build contracts, design and specification of resource efficient modifications or new construction for HVAC by using fundamental engineering design principals rather than conventional rules of thumb. We also assist in energy efficient design of lighting and building envelope systems, on-site power generation and selection of appliances and process equipment.  Our team includes experienced LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professional staff to provide assistance in the design and construction of high performance quality buildings. We are also Registered Energy Professionals for the City of Chicago's new building energy code, provide energy ratings for projects in other states including Florida and are certified to conduct Home Energy Ratings. We can assemble a team of specialists to address your particular situation.
    Assist the building Owner or Manager in managing the implementation of energy cost cutting systems, including identifying contractors, review bids, reviewing work-in-progress, commissioning new systems, and integrating these systems into a total energy management program development for your facilities.
    Provide third-party assistance to the Owner to ensure project quality by facilitating clear design intents, reviewing construction documents, assisting in functional testing of installed systems to fulfill the original design intent, facilitate appropriate orientation and training of staff and documentation of the new systems to ensure optimal operation & maintenance.
    Measure the actual energy performance of implemented energy cost-cutting projects including: a specific application at one facility; a set of interventions over a group of buildings; energy management programs. Our diagnostic systems enable monitoring of electric energy and power use, temperature, humidity, flow measurements, and thermographic imaging. Our newest service includes indoor air quality assessments.’
    Provide for the special training and orientation of the management, operations & maintenance staff, contractors and designers responsible for improving energy and environmental performance.’
    Our staff and our network of associates have the resources to help evaluate and design energy efficiency and environmental programs for individual enterprises and for providing services to large number of participants.
    Assist in identifying and securing private and public funding sources for energy saving projects and capital improvements.

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